Design Branch


The Design Branch provides full-service professional engineering and design support to a wide range of customers including Operations Division, Project Management, other Corps Districts, other Federal agencies, and state and local government partners. Engineering services are provided in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and cost engineering disciplines. Design support is provided across a workload of civil works facilities with primary focus on flood risk management and ecosystem restoration.

Contact Information

USACE Memphis District
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Structural Engineering Team

The Structural Engineering Team provides detailed investigations and analysis of the behavior of various types of structures and develops preliminary and final detail design of structural features for civil works construction projects. This team also supports the Inspection of Completed Works program and manages the Bridge Inspection Program for the District.

Completed Works Inspection Team


Under the Inspection of Completed Works Program, federally-constructed flood risk reduction (formerly known as flood control) works are inspected to ensure they are being operated and maintained in compliance with the signed assurances. There are annual compliance inspections of approximately 1,200 miles of levees and associated structures, along with 5-year periodic (in-depth) inspections. The ICW team provides significant support to the Levee Safety Program and the Project Operations Branch.

Cost Engineering and Relocations Team

The Cost Engineering and Relocations Team prepares and checks Government Estimates for bid jobs, prepares Cost Appendices for studies, serves on PDT teams and VE teams, prepares estimates for contract modifications, performs BCOE and ATR reviews, and performs mid-bid reviews for jobs that are bid. They also review alleged mistakes-in-bids, and support Office of Counsel as needed in bid protests and contractor claims. The MVD Regional Technical Specialist for Cost Engineering and the Memphis District Value Engineer reside on this team.

The Relocations team conducts inventory and prepares estimated costs of relocations for feasibility studies and DDRs. In the plans and specifications stage, they finalize relocation requirements for roads, bridges, and utilities, for various projects. They also compose relocation agreements regarding compensable facilities. This team has the responsibility for obtaining National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits for all projects that require a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP) and permit.

Civil Design Team

The Civil Design Team prepares construction plans and specifications for channel and levee maintenance projects and for new construction of channels, canals, levees and supporting structures. This team also prepares the stormwater plans (SWPPPs) for the applicable state agency in order to obtain the stormwater permit required for our construction projects. They also support planning studies by preparing preliminary designs sufficient for computing quantity estimates and right-of-way requirements for various alternatives. The SpecsIntact Coordinator is also located on this team.

Mechanical and Electrical Team


The Mechanical and Electrical Team provides mechanical and electrical engineering design and inspection services for a variety of civil works facilities. They also perform mechanical and electrical troubleshooting and/or maintenance of existing flood control systems. The Mechanical and Electrical Team supports the Inspection of Completed Works (ICW) program.