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A. If the proposed project is financed with 30-year bonds, the project will be paid for 30 years after the final year of construction. Construction is scheduled to be completed in six years with the project being paid for in 36 years. Once the project is paid for, funds from the sale of water will be used for the operation and maintenance.
A. YES. Several studies have been conducted over the years, beginning when the problem was first recognized in the 1940s. Recent studies by the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Geological Survey, Natural Resources Conservation Service, several universities, and the State of Arkansas have all confirmed a critical groundwater problem in the Bayou Meto Basin.
A. NO. The 3 components of the project were planned as a whole. All parts are interrelated. Some examples include the need for a pumping station and channel work on Little Bayou Meto to provide both flood control benefits and relieve the stress on the timber from too much water in the growing season. Another example would be the import water system, which would also provide water when needed for flooding waterfowl habitat.
A. YES. The proposed Bayou Meto Basin Project will help save the aquifiers. The selected plan uses the groundwater at a safe yield, which is the amount that could be pumped without further depleting the aquifiers.