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District accepting nominations for distinguished civilian employee

Programs Management Branch/Executive Assistant
Published Aug. 15, 2013
Gallery of Distinguished Civilian Employees

Gallery of Distinguished Civilian Employees

Since 1927, Memphis District has been recognizing Civilian employees for their extraordinary performance. A portrait of each individual hangs in the Gallery of Distinguished Civilian Employees, located on the 5th floor of the Memphis District headquarters, to honor these role models who’ve made significant contributions to the Corps of Engineers.

Are you, or do you know, the next one? Nominations are now being accepted for the next Distinguished Civilian Employee and may be submitted by any current or former Memphis District employee.

The award recognizes exemplary job performance and contributions to the Corps of Engineers in a manner as to have been clearly exceptional and pre-eminent among all who have performed like or similar duties; developed and/or improved methods and procedures which produced extraordinary benefits for the Memphis District; contributed substantially to the reputation and honor of the Corps; and performed loyally and faithfully throughout the period of service.

Nominees must have had 30 years or more of federal service, with at least 20 of those years serving as a civilian employee of the Corps of Engineers (based on the service computation date) and the nominee will have been in a retired status, or deceased, for a minimum of two years prior to March 1.

Submit nomination in Word-document style in a narrative format. Limit text to no more than four double-spaced pages in 12-point font. Staple pages in upper left corner - do not submit in binders or folders of any kind. Include required information: nominee’s name; nominee’s service computation date; nominee’s last job title, series and grade while in Memphis District; name, phone number, and e-mail address of Point of Contract; and no more than four double-spaced pages of narrative, which includes each of the following three elements: achievements (include dates); impacts (be specific), and recognition nominee received during career (include date recognition received).

Completed nomination packages must be delivered no later than close of business, Friday, Sept. 20, to Linda S. Ross, Executive Assistant, USACE Memphis, 167 North Main Street, room 590, Memphis, Tenn., 38103, or via e-mail to