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The Memphis District was responsible for constructing many of the protective floodwalls in this area? The top photo, taken on May 14, 1947, is a view of one of these floodwalls along the Wolf River then under construction. It shows crawler-type draglines driving steel sheet piling under the riverside edge of the wall. The Memphis Cotton Oil Mill is in the right background. The bottom photo, taken on Oct. 6, 1947, shows the completed floodwall. Sewer for plant waste passes over the wall (center of photo). The wall protects the industrial area in the background, including the cotton oil mill. From the Col. L.H. Foote photo collection. 

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Corps of Engineers to study improvements for Cypress Creek in Fayette County

The Memphis District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today released a Public Notice requesting input on a study of Cypress Creek in Fayette County, Tenn. This study will determine the feasibility of constructing improvements in Cypress Creek to stabilize the creek and improve aquatic habitat.
Published: 10/24/2014

Donny Davidson is new Chief of Engineering and Construction Division

Donny D. Davidson Jr. is the new Chief of Engineering and Construction Division for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District.
Published: 10/21/2014

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Sampling the Mississippi River

For the third time in almost eight decades, bed material samples are being taken from the Mississippi River. The first was in 1935 and the second was in 1989, but this is the first time it’s an effort being coordinated between different government agencies.
Published: 11/6/2013

Wastewater Treatment Facility to open doors for future growth

It’s not sexy, but it’s the greatest thing for the county,” said DeSoto County Board of Supervisors President Mark Gardner, “And it’ll open doors for DeSoto County’s future growth.”
Published: 10/23/2013