Memphis District Outreach

The Memphis district has a rich history of providing assistance to help our partners (local, state, tribal, and Federal) accomplish their missions of being good stewards with the resources for which they have been given responsibility.  Below are a few examples of the ways we can provide assistance.

Outreach Services

Partnering with the Memphis District

Through partnership arrangements and existing authority programs, the Memphis district has provided services to stakeholders for years, including technical assistance, comprehensive planning, and in certain drainage-specific instances, structural assistance. 

Ways we can provide assistance:

  • Floodplain assessments
  • Community awareness campaigns
  • Outreach campaign planning
  • Flood mitigation studies
  • Hydrology studies and analysis
  • Rainfall inundation mapping
  • Surveying and geospatial
  • Stream bank erosion control measures
  • Clearing and snagging of debris
  • Aquatic Ecosystem and Wildlife Habitat restoration

Memphis District Working for You

With more than 125 years of proven experience and expertise in a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines, the Memphis District can directly provide a wide range of services to your agency or organization. 

Services we can provide through our Work for Others program include:

  • Engineering Design
  • Surveying and Geospatial
  • Construction Management
  • Procurement and Contracting
  • Program and Project Management
  • Value Engineering (planned link to new brochure)
  • ARC Flash Hazard Analysis (planned link to new brochure)
  • Seismic Site-specific Analysis (planned link to new brochure)
  • Water Resource Management
  • Environmental Services
  • Disaster Response and Recovery
  • Real Estate Services
  • Operations and Maintenance
Partnering with Other Federal Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

In addition to assisting communities throughout our six-state area of responsibility (AOR), the Memphis District is fortunate to have developed partnerships with other Federal and Non-Federal Agencies to collaborate on various types and sizes of projects. 


The West Tennessee River Basin Authority and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District recently held a Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement Signing Ceremony to initiate a cost-shared feasibility study. The study aims to identify and evaluate alternatives and the preparation of a decision document that, as appropriate, recommends a coordinated and implementable solution for restoring aquatic and floodplain habitat along a 20-mile corridor from Reelfoot Lake and Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuge to the Obion River. (USACE photo by Vance Harris)
IN THE PHOTO, the St. Johns Levee and Drainage District Setback Levee slide scheduled to be repaired.
IN THE PHOTO, the St. Francis Levee District of Missouri near Concord slide scheduled to be repaired.
Silver Jackets meeting
Silver Jackets meeting