Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Draft Environmental Assessment (DIFR-DEA) released for public review
This Draft Integrated Feasibility Study Report (DIFR) and Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) for the Hatchie-Loosahatchie Mississippi River Ecosystem Restoration Study investigates the feasibility of alternatives to address problems and opportunities associated with ecosystem degradation within the Mississippi River Miles 775-736. The study purpose is to evaluate the causes and effects of significant environmental degradation in the study area; to formulate and evaluate potential solutions to these identified problems; and upon consideration of the various alternatives formulated, to recommend for Federal investment a justified plan that is effective, efficient, complete, and acceptable. The 39-mile stretch of the Mississippi River that is included in the study area begins at approximately river mile 775, at the confluence of the Hatchie River, to approximately river mile 736, at the confluence of the Wolf River near downtown Memphis, Tennessee.