Partnering with the Memphis District

Through existing authority programs, the Memphis District can partner with cities, counties, towns, states, and others to address water resource challenges and provide technical assistance and comprehensive planning. 

Existing programs allowing us to partner with communities are listed in the Partnering Links to the to left, and below are several specific areas with which we can provide assistance:

Flood Risk Management: The Corps can provide technical assistance in the form of a hydraulic analysis to better understand your region’s drainage patterns and help address prioritized flood-prone areas.

Improving Water Quality: The Corps helps create cleaner rivers and streams through improved floodplain management and a cleaner water supply through improved filtering of groundwater recharge zones.

Creating a Thriving Wildlife Habitat:  By helping create healthy floodplains, the Corps helps support ecosystems that sustain fish and wildlife through better managed forests, streams, and creeks.

Safe and Efficient Waterway Navigation: Through projects such as embankment armoring to prevent scouring and harbor dredging for boats and ships, the Corps can help your community with its navigation and water commerce needs.

Protection of Cultural Resources: From developing and supporting parks and recreational areas along lakes and rivers to working with Native American tribes to better understand trust and treaty responsibilities, the Corps can help communities honor and protect local, cultural resources.

Fostering a Resilient Water Supply: The Corps has many years of experience working with communities to understand their groundwater source limitations and developing long-term, sustainable solutions which ensure a clean and abundant supply of water in the future.

Partnering with the Memphis District Brochure