Silver Jackets

Silver Jackets is a state-led, interagency, collaborative program created to intentionally draw on the collective expertise from various local, state, tribal, and federal agencies for the purpose of managing flood risks in communities throughout the country through non-structural means and methods. 

Program Summary

By working together with such agencies as FEMA, NRCS, HUD, USGS, NWS, USACE, etc., states are able to initiate projects which provide real, tangible, beneficial outcomes to communities throughout the nation.  Risk reduction categories in which various Silver Jackets projects have been executed include: Adaptation and Resilience, Analysis and Assessment, Dam Safety, Emergency Action Planning, Flood Risk Planning, Ice Jams, Levee Safety, Information Sharing, Mapping, Outreach and Education, and many others. To date, hundreds of Silver Jackets projects have been executed throughout the United States, and thousands of lives have benefited from the great work of this program.  Along the disaster life cycle (Response, Mitigation, Recovery, Preparation) communities everywhere are more informed about ways to address the hazards associated with flooding as a result of this program.  For more information, the following link will take you to the Silver Jackets web page.