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  • January

    District employees honor King legacy with day of service

    Fourteen Memphis District employees and family members participated in the annual King Day event at the National Civil Rights Museum on Jan. 20. The museum is located at the historic Lorraine Motel on Mulberry Street, south of downtown Memphis.
  • DeSoto Co., USACE: Partners in flood risk management

    Desoto County is the fastest growing county in Mississippi. With a population of over 175,000 residents, it is also the third most populated county in Mississippi. Unfortunately, it experiences frequent floods that cause economic losses and threaten lives. Congress authorized a study in DeSoto County to determine the feasibility of providing flood risk management solutions to the area. The Project Delivery Team (PDT) responsible for conducting the feasibility study has been working for over a year now, with their most recent meeting taking place earlier this month.
  • Commander recognizes Contracting Division members

    Memphis District Commander Col. Zachary Miller (center) recently presented Anthony Lee (left) and TiJuana Harris (right) with Commander’s Coins for excellence. Col. Miller credited Harris with bringing a 30-day Contracting 090 class to Memphis that enabled many to meet a mandatory training requirement. He thanked Lee for being a significant supporter by making all the necessary facility arrangements for the class. In addition, Col. Miller praised Harris for being instrumental in the Contracting Division receiving a green rating in several critical categories, including contract closeouts and Government Purchase Card delinquencies. The colonel also credited Lee, as Contracting Division collateral safety officer, with turning around the division’s safety program, bringing it into compliance and garnering great feedback from USACE assessors.
  • Earning our customers’ trust

    When someone does a good job on something, like cutting your hair for example, you become their loyal customer because they’ve earned your trust. The Army Corps of Engineers doesn’t cut hair, but they can and do repair boats, among many other things, and the Memphis District’s Ensley Engineer Yard does it so well that these skilled tradesmen are becoming the team of choice for more and more when it comes to marine maintenance projects and repair work.
  • Breaking bridges, building a future

    “When it comes to building strong and innovative solutions, long-term and thorough preparation is always key, and that includes us investing in our young people,” Hamilton added. “The STEM program is just one example of how we, at the Corps, do that.”
  • Memphis District: 2019 dredged up with a bang

    The Memphis District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has several missions associated with the Mississippi River. One of the most important is to keep the river channel at a depth that allows the river barge industry to dependably transport goods up and down the river. To deliver on this charge, the Memphis District awarded a contract/task order in the amount of $7,987,200 to the Inland Dredging Company in April of 2019. On Dec. 23, 2019, Inland Dredging Co. completed all work with a total of 1,289,598 cubic yards of sediment dredged from all 10 Memphis District Harbors.
  • December

    Welcome home Dredge Hurley!

    The Memphis District’s Dredge Hurley returned to its home port of Ensley Engineer Yard in Memphis Harbor around 11 a.m. Monday, Dec. 9, 2019. Their arrival marks the end of the two most productive dredging seasons in the vessel’s history.
  • Stroupe is November Employee of the Month

    Jairus Stroupe from Project Operations is the Memphis District Employee of the Month for November. District Commander Col. Zachary Miller presented Stroupe with a special certificate and an on-the-spot cash award Dec. 3, for his outstanding job performance.
  • November

    Coming together for those in need

    Members of the Memphis District stay busy with work, but that doesn’t keep them from finding time to help those around us in need. Two employees in particular, Regional Technical Specialist Jamie Evans and Contract Specialist Sequoria Wilson, managed to coordinate clothing drives recently to give to the homeless in our local area, each doing so on separate occasions.
  • MVM top performer in small business

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recognized the Memphis District as a top performer in two categories at the 2019 Society of American Military Engineers Federal Small Business Conference for the A/E/C Industry currently taking place in Dallas, Texas.
  • Emergency flood ops knowledge: Sharing is caring

    Members of the Japanese Association for Pump System Engineering recently toured the Memphis District for a chance to share in some knowledge and gain additional field experience in the area of emergency flood operations pump station engineering.
  • Memphis District Dive Team looks for mussels on Florida river

    Five members of the Memphis District Dive Team, led by Biologist Mike Thron, spent a week in October searching for two species of threatened and endangered mussels species on the Apalachicola River north of Panama City, Florida.
  • Key USACE structure to get “facelift”

    An indispensable structure at Ensley Engineer Yard known as the stringout is getting a much needed “facelift” over the course of the next few years, and is slated for completion in the spring of 2022.
  • Chrisco takes Director Safety Award

    Physical Support Branch Marine Facilities Specialist Chad Chrisco was recently awarded the Director of Army Safety Risk Management Safety Award for his efforts during Ensley Engineer Yard string-out barge replacement operations.
  • Romona Oring is October Employee of the Month

    Wynne Area Office Administrative Support Assistant Romona Oring is the Memphis District Employee of
  • September

    District has powerful new survey tool

    Have you ever watched one of those documentary television programs where researchers have a cool laser gizmo that spins on a tripod and maps the inside of a prehistoric cave or the outside of an ancient building like the Coliseum of Rome to the tiniest detail? Well, now the Memphis District has one of those gizmos too. But, our engineers and technicians are putting it to different uses. Called the SX-10 Scanning Total Station, the device uses LiDAR to create a “point cloud” of a scanned object. LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. That’s a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure distances and locations. The Memphis District is already using LiDAR for mapping and imaging on our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The SX-10, however, uses terrestrial LiDAR.
  • Biologists check for endangered mussels

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees perform a lot of interesting jobs related to the rivers we work on. But one of the most unusual jobs involves looking for an endangered species of fresh water mussels.
  • Corps of Engineers completes Poinsett County Ditch 10 cleanout ahead of schedule, under budget

    On U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contractors have completed maintenance work to cleanout Ditch 10 in Poinsett County, west of Trumann, Arkansas, 70 days ahead of schedule and $44,546 under budget.
  • District Commander participates in launch of new shipboard water quality monitoring system

    Memphis District Commander Col. Zachary Miller joined officials from the U.S. Geological Survey and a group of Mississippi River city mayors at a press conference Monday (Sept. 16) to announce the launch of a new shipboard water quality monitoring system. The steam ship American Queen, where the press conference took place, is the first commercial vessel to mount the system.
  • Team Recognition

    IN THE PHOTO: Memphis District Commander Col. Zachary Miller (fourth from left) poses with members of the District Team after presenting each with a Certificate of Appreciation and On-the-Spot Award for improving the District’s program and project delivery processes. During the presentation, Deputy District Engineer for Programs and Project Management Donny Davidson (far left) recognized the group as “super troopers” and discussed how each person’s hard work and dedication supports and advances the District’s mission. Great job team!