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Public Notices



 Applicant  Public Notice  Expires  Contact/Email
John Schmidt  MVM-2013-365 January 30, 2014 Email
Dennis Ray  MVM-2013-455 (JKB) January 21, 2014 Email
James M. Hunter/Mallard Ponds MVM-2013-304 (JKB) December 18, 2013 Email
Jason Ballenger MVM-2013-233 (JKB) March 11, 2014 Email

Dean A. Berry/AEP Company/Columbus

MVM-2014-037 (RCW)

March 17, 2014

Randy Ferguson MVM-2014-058 (JKB) April 8, 2014 Email



 Applicant Public Notice Expires Contact/Email
 Illinois Stream Mitigation Method MVM-2010-166 (RC) N/A Email
 Illinois Mitigation Worksheet MVM-2010-166 (RC)  N/A Email



 Applicant Public Notice Expires Contact/Email
Buford A. Cross  MVM-2013-473 (JKB) January 27, 2014 Email
Missouri Stream Mitigation Method (MSMM)  MSMM - May 2013  N/A  Email



 Applicant Public Notice Expires Contact/Email
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources   MVM-2013-095  March 3, 2014 Email
Brent Gaines  MVM-2014-088 May 1, 2014   Email



Applicant Public Notice Expires Contact/Email
North Central EPA                                                          MVM-2013-348  November 28, 2013 Email



 Applicant Public Notice Expires Contact/Email
 Town of Collierville  MVM-2013-366   Email 
 Tennessee FB MB, LLC  MVM-2013-393 November 20, 2013 Email
 Loosahatchie River Mitigation Bank Prospectus Attachment to MVM-2013-393    
 Madison County WMB PN-2013  MVM-1996-00504   Email
 Madison County WMB Proposed Mod  Draft MBI   Email
 Dyer County Little Levee Repair  Draft NEPA Package   Email 
 Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program 2012 Report  13-28    
 TSMP 2012 ILF Status Full Report  2012 Annual Report    
 Review Plan for MVD Channel Improvement Project  Review Plan   Email 
 Draft FONSI - Ensley Seepage Berm  Draft FONSI   Email 


Memphis District Civil Works Projects:

 State Project Document Expires Contact/Email

 LMRRA Public Review

 Information Needs Assessment    
   Appendix E for LMRRA Public Review  Appendix E    
   Notice of Availability  Report  July 8, 2013  Email
 Tennessee  Ensley Levee Seepage Berm Repair  Environmental Assessment    
 Tennessee  Ensley Levee Seepage Berm Repair  Finding of No Significant Impact