Equal Employment Opportunity Office

EEO Mission
The mission of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District EEO Office is to produce Management Directive 715 (MD 715) Strategic Initiatives that, in partnership with management, enhances our diverse workforce and enables a work place free of unlawful discrimination. This office also ensures the timely processing of complaints of illegal discrimination in a fair and neutral manner in accordance with Army Regulation 690-600 and 29 Code of Federal Regulation 1614.

EEO Legislation
The Legislative and Executive Branches of government are committed to ensuring that the workforce reflects the United States population. Recently, this concept was described as recognizing our population diversity. All Federal agencies must comply with both U.S. law and Executive Orders on EEO policy. We must demonstrate a commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity in the Federal workplace.

Function of the EEO Office
The EEO Office administers the following programs:

Affirmative Employment Program is a conscious, deliberate effort to ensure qualified minorities, disabled and female employees are given a full and fair opportunity to be represented in, and succeed in the agency's workforce. Specific corrective actions are implemented to overcome employment barriers.

Special Emphasis Program exist to address "special" problems and concerns of civilian minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities. Program managers counsel employees on promotion opportunities, monitor statistical trends, and work with managers/supervisors to identify and overcome barriers to career progression. Their aim is to increase awareness of a diversified work force that closely parallels the population.

Complaints Program provides a mechanism to obtain redress for discrimination complaints. The EEO counselor gathers information to reach informal resolution. The EEO Office processes formal complaints, but encourages voluntary resolution via mediation throughout the entire EEO process (mediation is offered because it shortens the EEO process time and aids in restoring employee morale).

Training Program EEO provides EEO and Diversity, Prevention of Sexual Harassment and other employee-related training to the workforce.

Contact Information

Office Location
167 North Main Street
Room 610
Memphis, TN 38103-1894
(901) 544-3501 Office
(901) 544-3087 Fax

Satellite Office Location
Ensley Engineer Yard
2915 Riverport Road, Bldg. #2
Memphis, TN 38109
(901) 544-4177 Office