The Memphis District Logistics Management Office is here to assist you in your Transportation, Property, Maintenance and Supply needs. Please contact the individual listed below for specific information. We hope you find the information contained herein useful.

167 N. Main St., Rm. B-202

Clifford Davis Federal Building, Suite 609 

Memphis, TN 38103-1894

Phone: (901) 544-0812

Property Management
The Memphis District Property Management Office is dedicated to serving the needs of the Memphis District. If you have specific questions or need additional information pertaining to Property Management, please feel free to contact us.

District Property Manager
Phone: (901) 544-0700  


Forms and Information

Enterprise Standard (ES) 29107 Civil property authorization Document (CPAD) Initiation & Change Process

Enterprise Standard (ES)-29114 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL)

Notice of Delegation of Authority - Receipt for Supplies, DA Form 1687

Property Control Receipt, ENG Form 4900

Civil Property Authorization Document (CPAD) Equipment Changes, ENG Form 6035

USACE Supply Policies and Procedures, ER 700-1-1

MVM Hand Receipt Holder Training (PowerPoint)

Memorandum: Clarification to the DA Form 1687 Signatory Requirements


Transportation Branch
If you have any questions regarding travel or transportation policy, feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Transportation Manager
Phone: (901) 544-3384

Transportation Asst.
Phone: (901) 544-3385

Maintenance Management
The Memphis District Maintenance Management Office welcomes the opportunity to serve you. If you need further assistance or have questions regarding maintenance programs within the Memphis District, please contact the District Maintenance Officer listed below.

District Maintenance Officer
Phone: (901) 785-8948

Warehouse Operations 
Receiving and Salvage maintains the control of supplies, spare parts, and emergency response equipment and supplies. Our responsibilities include receiving and issuing supplies to the dredge, revetment units, shops, area offices, and district office, as well as supporting the Vicksburg and St. Louis Districts dredging operations by receiving their spare parts. The central receiving area is located at the Warehouse Bldg 8. In addition, we receive and disposes of excess government personal property for the district.

Receiving and Salvage 
Ensley Engineer Yard 
Riverport Road
Memphis, TN 38109 

Phone: (901) 785-6355/(901) 544-0700