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Boyd takes ‘Taking Care of People’ to heart

Published Sept. 11, 2019
Boyd takes ‘Taking Care of People’ to heart

Boyd takes ‘Taking Care of People’ to heart

We hear a lot these days about the importance of taking care of people. Revolving Fund Accountant Christopher Boyd recently translated this from mere words into valuable actions.

Near the close of business on Friday, Sept. 6, a new district employee drove hundreds of miles to Memphis in hopes of getting his paycheck. The “system” did not process his Electronic Funds Transfer in time for his first payday so the pay center sent a paper check to the district office for delivery to the employee. The only problem was it hadn’t shown up yet.

Sensing the urgency of the employee’s situation, Boyd volunteered to drive him to the local postal service center in Memphis to help find the mail carrier who (hopefully) had his pay check. After much discussion the postal authorities concluded the carrier was on his delivery route but wouldn’t be back until much later in the day.

Determined to get him his check, Boyd and the employee jumped into Boyd’s car and drove around downtown Memphis in hopes of finding the carrier. However, they failed to locate the carrier and returned to the district office.
But the story wasn’t over. Within a few minutes of their return the carrier made his stop at the Federal Building. Boyd hurriedly went to meet him and get the employee’s check.

Needless to say, the new employee left with a very favorable impression of how we take care of our people.
Boyd’s supervisor, Peg Bellmann, said Boyd is an unsung hero.

“Chris is the hugely valuable, cornerstone, and foundational staff member of the Finance and Accounting Branch team,” she wrote.

Memphis District Commander Col. Zachary Miller also presented Boyd with one of his Commander’s coins at the Command and Staff meeting the afternoon of Sept. 9.