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Keating, Taylor selected for MVD Emerging Leader Program

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Published Sept. 13, 2019
Danny Keating

Keating selected for MVD Emerging Leader Program

Matthew Taylor

Taylor selected for MVD Emerging Leader Program

Memphis District employees Danny Keating and Matthew Taylor received word earlier this month that they were selected to participate in the Mississippi Valley Division (MVD) Emerging Leader Program. A letter from Division Commander Maj. Gen. R. Mark Toy stated, “Your selection was based upon your demonstrated ability and potential in the areas of leadership, development, and management.”

Keating is a forester and permit manager working in our Regulatory Branch. He came to work for the Memphis District almost five years ago.

Asked why he applied for the program, he said, “I have always believed that those who feel they have the ability to lead, also have the responsibility to lead. At some point, if they believe they can do so effectively, one must overcome their reluctance to lead. I hope to further develop my skills so that I can one day assume a leadership role within the Corps of Engineers.”

Asked what he wanted to take away from the program, Keating replied, “I hope to gain a better perspective of the inner workings of the Mississippi Valley Division, and the Corps of Engineers as a whole. I also hope to develop myself as a USACE leader so that in the future I can contribute to something bigger than myself.”

Matthew Taylor is a civil engineer and works in Engineering and Construction Division, Technical Services Support Branch as the Work for Others technical manager. He has been a Memphis District employee since 2014.

Taylor said, “I see the program as an opportunity to build upon my leadership experience and continue developing my abilities to serve as a leader within USACE. Additionally, exposure to the highest levels of USACE leadership is invaluable for developing positive leadership traits.”

Regarding his expectations for the program, Taylor said, “Entering the program, I hope to gain insight to the decision making processes that senior leaders undergo and to further collaboration amongst other future leaders within MVD.”

Congratulations to both Danny and Matthew.