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District Commander on the road (Part 4)


Memphis District
Published Sept. 17, 2019
New Mound City south culvert.

Work progresses on installation of the new Mound City south culvert.

Group poses at Mound City jobsite

On the Mound City jobsite with Memphis District QA Inspector John Hunter; Memphis District Commander Col. Zachary Miller; Jerry Surface, Donald Bond Construction superintendent; Bobby Carlyle, USACE civil engineering technician; and Jordan Pickel, Donald Bond Construction operator.

This is the fourth installment of Col. Zachary Miller’s recent road trip around the district. Another culvert project was the impetus for this stop. Bobby Carlyle from our Caruthersville Area Office was also the USACE point man on this job.

The Mound City to Cairo Levee is located along the Ohio River in the southern tip of Illinois and protects Mound City and Pulaski County, Ill. This project will replace an existing 30-inch diameter corrugated metal pipe with a 48-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe. The culvert will also feature a flap gate to prevent backflow when water is high, and a sluice gate to prevent reverse flow.

Once work on the new culvert is completed, workers will take the old culvert out of service.

The overall purpose of all this work is to reduce flood risk, flood damages, and flood protection costs resulting from flood events on the Ohio River.