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Coming together for those in need

Published Nov. 27, 2019

IN THE PHOTO, Henry Flowers volunteers to give free haircuts to those in need during the church event held to give out donations gathered for the homeless.


IN THE PHOTO, Contract Specialist Sequoria Wilson and Regional Technical Jamie Evans pose for a quick photo during the event held to hand out donations gathered for the homeless.


IN THE PHOTO, Christy Mayo, Memphis District Administrative Support Assistant Mariah Verneus, and Gwendolyn McGrew prepare to serve food to the homeless during the donation giveaway at Evans’ and Wilson’s church.

Members of the Memphis District stay busy with work, but that doesn’t keep them from finding time to help those around us in need.


Two employees in particular, Regional Technical Specialist Jamie Evans and Contract Specialist Sequoria Wilson, managed to coordinate clothing drives recently to give to the homeless in our local area, each doing so on separate occasions.


Wilson organized a giveaway for the homeless on Nov. 2 where she and Evans worked together to later give the items away at their church.


“I got the idea to do the homeless drive after talking to my friend about all the food that’s thrown away each day,” explained Wilson. “At first it was just a thought and I wasn’t sure if I was going to act on it but it kept weighing on me and it was all I could think about. I remember one day not being able to function or think so I made a Facebook post asking for assistance and donations and it took off from there.”


Wilson would like to sponsor events like this on a quarterly basis as they were able to provide items to more than 50 people during this particular drive.


In addition to Wilson’s drive, Evans also organized one earlier this fall. He said he typically does this twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall when people are likely to switch out their wardrobes.


For Evans, helping the less fortunate is important because, “It helps clothe our homeless neighbors just outside our federal building front door and it gives fellow Corps employees an opportunity to participate in helping them.”


If interested in helping, Evans said you can always bring unwanted clothes into work at any time and he will gladly pick them up. Evans is grateful to everyone who donated.


“It was a very successful drive, and we are grateful for all the generosity of everyone who donated items for the homeless,” he added.