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Noteworthy realty service

Published March 4, 2020

PHOTO DESCRIPTION, a snippet of the letter sent to Memphis District Commander Col. Zachary Miller from Realty Specialist Joshua Neisen’s recent realty customer.


IN THIS PHOTO, Realty Specialist Joshua Neisen.

Some would say there’s nothing better than getting a thank you note after you’ve done a good job, especially when the job can be a sensitive time for those involved.

Meet Joshua A. Neisen, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Realty Specialist for the Memphis District. He recently received a thank you note from both landowners and the District Commander for a job well done.

“With the support and coordination with the Real Estate team, I am responsible for acquiring lands, easements and right-of-way for Memphis District projects,” Neisen explained. “We work closely with our partners and landowners within the Memphis District to work towards executing and completing projects in a timely manner. I am also the Memphis District Real Property Accountability Officer, a delegated authority by Col. Zachary Miller. I’m responsible for approximately $150,000,000 worth of real property assets.”

One such property Neisen was responsible for acquiring was discovered while designing the Below Kennett Seepage Remediation Project.

“The process went quicker than anticipated due to the landowner’s responsiveness and eagerness to complete the process,” Neisen said. “By making them a priority, I was able to dedicate my time and effort into ensuring all their needs and concerns were met. I had to speak with other individuals in Memphis District to address some technical questions that they had, but once they were addressed an agreement on price was reached.” 

It seems as though everyone was happy with how things went – so happy that one party went out of their way to send the Memphis District Commander a personal thank you note acknowledging just how personable and impactful Neisen’s interface with them had been.

Diann Skelton, one of the landowners Neisen had worked with, wrote this about her interaction with the realty specialist: “The Corps is very fortunate to have Josh as an employee. I hope if we ever have ground that the Corps wants to purchase, I will can (sic) look forward to working with Josh again.”

Notes of thanks are always nice, but more importantly, notes like these are a prime indicator of the Memphis District’s exceptional relationship with the public.

“We are here to provide flood protection and maintain public safety within the Memphis District’s area of responsibility,” Neisen explained. “We need to have their support and trust so that they are satisfied with our work and willing to support us when we need their assistance with a project.”

When asked what tips Neisen had to offer for better customer service, here’s what he had to say.

“I believe first and foremost you have to have good communications skills when working with others” Neisen started. “Real Estate is unique in the sense that we have to have a basic knowledge of all technical aspects of a project.”

Neisen went on to say that people in his line of work have to put themselves in the landowners’ shoes to see the impacts they will face with our projects. 

“Everyone has a different story to tell,” Neisen added. “Taking the time to get to know them and how they feel can help you better understand their situation. We are here to serve the public.”