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St. Francis Basin projects ready to advertise

Published March 6, 2020

IN THE PHOTO, Members of the Design Teams celebrate the completion of four supplemental projects on Feb. 7. The technical leads are holding the respective signed “Can-Do Memos” for the projects. (USACE photo by Ken Williams)

The Memphis District Design Teams are celebrating the recent completion of designs for four supplemental projects now ready to be advertised. The packages have been sent to the contracting team for award this fiscal year.

The St. Francis Basin construction projects are worth a combined $25 to $30 million and include the following:

  • Below Senath Seepage Remediation project in Missouri
  • Big Island Seepage Remediation in Arkansas
  • Below Piggot Seepage Remediation project in Arkansas

The seepage remediation projects are all significant levee safety jobs and may add seepage berms.

The fourth project, Below Highway 90 Channel Cleanout in Arkansas, is scoped to clear the main channel of the St. Francis River as it is completely silted in.

The Project Delivery Teams included Technical Lead and Civil Engineer Jonathan Fili and Civil Engineer Grayson Holt for Below Senath, Technical Lead John Hudson, Civil Engineer Ashley Evans, and Civil Engineer Jeff Glass for Big Island, Operations Project Manager Jairus Stroupe and Project Manager Eric White, Technical Lead Sarah Girdner, Biologist Andrea Carpenter-Crowther and Hydraulic Engineer Michael Lamport for Below Highway 90 Channel Cleanout, and Technical Lead Jamie Evans, Civil Engineer Jon Korneliussen, and Civil Engineer Holly Enlow for Below Piggott.

Biologist Kevin Piggott performed the environmental coordination for most of the projects, and real estate acquisition was handled by Realty Specialists John Wilburn, Brian Johnson, and Josh Neisen.