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Harbor dredging contract awarded

Memphis District, Public Affairs
Published June 8, 2020
Harbor dredging contract awarded

Harbor dredging contract awarded

Congratulations to the Harbor Dredging Project Delivery Team (PDT) for awarding the contract to dredge four local harbors: Elvis Stahr Harbor in Hickman, Ky.; Memphis Harbor-McKellar Lake and Wolf River Harbor in Memphis, Tenn.; and Helena Harbor in Phillips County, Ark.

Dredging of the four harbors involves removing sediment to maintain a specific channel depth for safe navigation in and out of the harbors.

The Memphis District is responsible for maintenance dredging of ten harbors on the Mississippi River. These harbors serve as vital links to rail and highway transportation systems in the region, helping to deliver products and commodities to and from global markets.

The Harbor Dredging PDT members advancing this critical work are Vickie Watson, Wade Channel, and Danny Hunt. The Inland Dredging Company, Inc. was awarded the contract to perform the harbor dredging. And, our much appreciated local partners on this project are:

  • Memphis Harbor-McKellar Lake: Mr. Randy Richardson, International Port of Memphis.
  • Wolf River Harbor: Robert Knecht, City of Memphis.
  • Elvis Stahr harbor: Mr. Greg Curlin, Hickman-Fulton County Riverport Authority.
  • Helena Harbor, Phillips County: Mr. John Edwards, Phillips County Port Authority.

Congratulations to the entire Team for reaching this important project milestone!