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Yazoo Levee Seepage Remediation PDT awards contract

Memphis District Public Affairs Office
Published June 12, 2020
Yazoo Seepage Remediation Project

IN THE PHOTO, shows some 2019 flood fight activity, including placement of sandbags as an interim measure to sure-up the integrity of the levee.

Congratulations to the Yazoo Levee Seepage Remediation PDT for reaching their contract award milestone. They recently awarded the contract to sure-up the integrity of the levee in Commerce, Miss. to the Syte Corporation.

The contract work consist of installing 30 relief wells and extending the seepage berm 2,700 feet. The seepage berm extension and relief well installations will help reduce water seepage under the levee which could weaken the integrity of the levee and the overall flood protection system.

Our very much appreciate local partner on this project is the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee Board.

The outstanding members of the Yazoo Levee Seepage Remediation PDT are Project Managers Jacqueline Whitlock and Milton Beverly, Geotech Civil Engineer Jonathan Fili, Hydraulic Engineer Jennifer Redden, Realty Specialist Bobby Porter, Survey Manager Robin Suber, Environmental Biologist Joshua Koontz, Construction Civil Engineer Delwick Warfield, Civil Design Engineer Joshua Giannini, Civil Designer Engineer Tyler Johnson, Cost and Stormwater Engineer Conrad Stacks, and Office of Council Attorney Sherry Morgan.

Great job, Team!