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Oldtown Seepage Remediation Project site showing

Memphis District Public Affairs Office
Published June 17, 2020
Oldtown Seepage Remediation Project site showing

IN THE PHOTO, bordered in red, clockwise from top left, are PDT members Daniel Bowling, Ashely Evans, Milton Beverly, and Cody Isbell; and the surrounding pictures are from the June 11 project site showing.

Working remotely from their separate homes, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but in concert towards the same goal, the Oldtown Seepage Remediation Project Delivery Team (PDT) successfully reached their Site Showing milestone. The PDT held the project site showing on June 11 in Helena, Ark., which helped contract bidders familiarize themselves with the geographical area and work associated with the project.

The Oldtown Seepage Remediation Project will extend the current berm as a barrier against water moving under the levee and threatening its integrity. This will provide continued protection for the towns and communities of Lambrook, Wabash, Modoc, Elaine, Mellwood, and Lake View, Ark., and agricultural lands in Phillips County, Ark.

Our much appreciated local partner for the project is the Cotton Belt Levee District Number 1.

Accompanying contractors on the site showing were Memphis District members Milton Beverly (project manager), Gary Billingsley (Construction Branch chief), Cody Isbell (Geotechnical Branch civil engineer); and Wynne Area Office (WAO) personnel Leo Cooper, Jonathon Delp, Matthew Widmer, Claire Waldon, Kyle Wheeler, Lee Fletcher (WAO chief of field inspection), and Gene McAvoy (WAO contracting officer representative).

The outstanding members of the Oldtown Seepage Remediation PDT are Biologist Milton Beverly (project manager), Civil Engineer Cody Isbell (geotechnical), Civil Engineer Ashley Evans (hydraulics and hydrology), and Civil Engineer Daniel Bowling (civil design).

Congratulations to the entire Team!