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Carpenter Crowther promoted to Project Management Branch Project Manager Supervisor

Published May 27, 2022
Memphis District Biologist Andrea Carpenter Crowther collecting samples.

Memphis District Biologist Andrea Carpenter Crowther collecting samples.

Congratulations to Ms. Andrea Carpenter Crowther on her promotion to the Project Manager Supervisor position (Planning Team) in the Project Management Branch. 

Carpenter Crowther was introduced to the Memphis District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers through her biology instructor, Ken Jones while attending Dyersburg State Community College. At that time, he was also a Memphis District contractor conducting least tern surveys. Jones invited Carpenter Crowther to participate in these surveys, which ultimately led to the unofficial start of her career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Carpenter Crowther has always loved the river, boats, and birds, and this survey introduced her to a whole new world of work she could relate to. This survey also provided the opportunity to experience what it was like to protect both endangered species and the environment.

A few years later, Carpenter Crowther graduated from the University of Memphis with a bachelor's degree in biology. She then officially joined the Memphis District's Environmental Branch in 2010.

Dive Team member, feasibility study environmental manager, protecting endangered bats, coordinating with partner agencies and the public, and making the prairie grass work -- these are just a few of Carpenter Crowther’s many career highlights.  

Over the past year, she has also worked as both a plan formulator and environmental manager on Memphis District feasibility studies, helping to deliver exceptional results to the nation.

As a Project Manager Supervisor, Carpenter Crowther will be responsible for controlling, coordinating, and executing all planning projects. Carpenter Crowther will also be responsible for initiating actions and carrying out all policies related to planning project activities within the Memphis District.

Congratulations, Carpenter Crowther, on this tremendous and well-deserved leadership position, and welcome to PPMD!