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Congrats, and thank you to Ms. Codi Till!

Memphis District
Published April 1, 2023

The Memphis District stays busy with executing significant projects in support of the districts many initiatives, as well as hosting their valued partners and sponsors on trips like the Mississippi River Commission (MRC) High and Low Water Inspection Trips twice a year. 

These projects and events are always successful; the reason for this is due to the teams and people who are working hard behind the scenes in support of these important events. If it weren't for the crews working hard in support of each event, trip, and project, none of what the Memphis District sets to accomplish would ever actually come to fruition, which is why recognizing those in a support role is just as important as the event itself.

One such person constantly working hard behind the scenes to ensure every event she takes part in goes off without a hitch is none other than the district's Management Analyst, Ms. Codi Till.

District leadership recently commended Till for her exceptional service as the Memphis District Liaison during the Mississippi River Commission inspection trips, during both the most recent and during the trip in years' past.

In recognition of her above and beyond work ethic, Memphis District Commander Col. Brian Sawser presented Till with a Civilian Service Commendation Medal during the most recent MRC high water inspection trip.

The district congratulates Ms. Till and thanks her for being a valued, role model employee, setting the example for others within the district as a whole.