Flood Response

The Corps of Engineers may provide emergency assistance for flood response and post flood response activities to save lives and protect improved property (i.e., public facilities/services and residential/commercial developments) during or following a flood or coastal storm. Assistance to individual homeowners and businesses is not permitted. This includes agricultural lands.

Emergency Operations assistance will be undertaken to supplement state and local efforts. Non-federal interests must commit all available resources. This includes manpower, supplies, equipment, funds, etc.

Flood fighting measures are applicable to any flood control structures or other areas that provide public service, regardless of whether it is federal, public or private.

The Corps has no authority under Public Law 84-99 to reimburse locals for costs of their own emergency activities.

Type of Assistance Provided by the Corps

  • Assist in search and rescue operations.
  • Furnish technical advice and assistance.
  • Provide emergency repairs to levees and other flood control projects.
  • Furnish materials such as sandbags, polyethylene sheeting, lumber, pumps, or rock for stabilization when the Corps is actively participating in a flood fight.

If the Corps is not actively participating in a flood fight, government supplies may be furnished only if local resources are exhausted or will be exhausted. Under such circumstances, supplies will be replaced in kind or paid for by local interests. All unused stock should be returned or reimbursed to the Government at replacement cost.

Duration of Assistance
Corps assistance terminates when the emergency is over (i.e., flood waters have receded within top bank or some other predetermined stage).