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Smith nominated for 2020 Program Manager of the Year Award

Memphis District
Published March 29, 2021
Program Manager Derrick Smith was recently nominated as the 2020 Program Manager of the Year.

Program Manager Derrick Smith was recently nominated as the 2020 Program Manager of the Year.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District recently nominated Program Manager Derrick Smith as the Program Manager of the Year. Every year the district selects an Army civilian program manager to recognize their outstanding contributions and support of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the regiment, including civil works, leadership, and achievements.

Highlights from Smith’s impressive year of achievements make clear how he earned this honor.

Throughout 2020, Smith served as the Chief of Programs for the Memphis District. He was the district authority and subject matter expert on civil works policy, funding, scheduling, and project controls; and was ultimately responsible for developing, defending, and tracking program execution for the entire district. In 2020, the Memphis District executed its largest budget in history and is currently managing the second largest budget at more than $300 million.

Smith was reassigned as Programs Management Branch Chief in 2016 by the District Commander. Prior to his reassignment, Smith successfully led the largest and most complex projects along the Mississippi River & Tributaries – Channel Improvement Project.

In 2020, he continued to aid the Regional Program in his role as Programs Chief through mentorship and by serving on the Regional Channel Improvement Steering Committee.

As a member of the steering committee, he interpreted the findings of the districts (MVM, MVK, MVN), sought clarification of program data, advised execution plans for one to three years out, focused on operations, and made recommendations to the Executive Committee on findings, trends, and program needs.

Smith is also recognized as a leader in the Memphis District. Throughout 2020, he worked diligently mentoring other Program Managers for Project Controls and the Supplemental Program Managers.

Smith is also very active in his community, as he served as an Alderman in Garland, Tennessee, from 2002-2006, and Mayor of Garland, Tennessee, from 2006-2010. His leadership, ingenuity, and managerial skills assisted the small community in building a new community center. These experiences provided an immense appreciation for strategic and long-term planning and offered insight into operating as a local sponsor within the Memphis District.

In addition, Smith served as the Chairman for the Board of Directors for the newly formed Tipton Christian Academy School from 2013 -2014. Smith continues to invest in the community through a host of volunteer activities including sporting events and community service.

Smith is a graduate of the University of Memphis and is a Level 1 certified Project Manager, Level 3 Facility Acquisition, and EIT in the State of Tennessee.

Congratulations to Smith, his family, and his team for all his efforts that afforded him this incredible nomination.


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