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“Operation Make Safe” newsletter available at no charge

Published Aug. 23, 2011

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Aug. 23, 2011 – The Memphis District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now publishing an electronic newsletter to share information on their work to rebuild the Birds Point- New Madrid mainline Mississippi River levee to an interim level of 51 feet on the Cairo, Ill., river gage.

The newsletter, published three times a week, is offered at no charge to the public via email. “The “Operation Make Safe Project Update” newsletter is one way we are working to keep the public informed about our work at the Floodway,” Project Liaison Maj. Jon Korneliussen said. “The news letter tracks our schedule and funding, details work progress and includes regularly-updated photos showing Floodway work.”

To electronically subscribe to the “Operation Make Safe Project Update” newsletter send an email to the following address asking to be added to the mailing list:

An archive of already-published issues of the newsletter can be viewed by going to the following Website:

The follow-on project to “Operation Make Safe” is called “Operation Restore.” It will reconstruct the Floodway system to the pre-operational level of protection. The construction schedule for “Operation Restore” is contingent on the availability of funding.

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