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Government Shutdown Impacts to Vicksburg District

Published Oct. 2, 2013


Vicksburg, Miss…Due to the lack of 2014 funding legislation and the government shutdown, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District (District) has reduced services. Personnel in public safety and protection of infrastructure related positions will remain on duty.

Projects that will remain open are: locks and dams, most boat ramps, district lands that are designated for hunting, district lands that are managed by state agencies and ongoing contracted construction projects. Dredging and mat sinking operations will continue as scheduled due to carry-over funding from previous fiscal years.

District operated campgrounds and day-use parks will be closed and off limits to the public. Campers and
visitors are required to vacate campgrounds no later than 8 p.m. on 2 October 2013. Campers may elect to leave their campsite reservations open for possible use after the shutdown is lifted. Campers will receive a refund for any unused portion of their reservations.

For other business related issues or inquires related to the operations of the Vicksburg District, please contact 601.631.5000 or contact the district via the website. The Vicksburg District regrets the impacts that these closures might have on the recreating public currently using or planning to use these facilities. The district will post current information at district website at


Kavanaugh Breazeale

Release no. 13-017