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Corps of Engineers plans public meeting on Cache River Basin

Published Aug. 15, 2014

MEMPHIS, Tenn., August 15, 2014 – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District, will host a public scoping meeting to discuss the Cache River Basin on Aug. 27. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in the M & P room of the Larry Williams Student Community Building at Arkansas State University Campus. The address is 7648 Victory Blvd, Newport, Ark.

“This meeting is intended to give the public an opportunity to share their concerns and ideas about water resources within the Cache River Basin in Arkansas,” Shawn Phillips, Memphis District planner said. “One of our primary goals is to ensure we identify any significant issues with water resources in the basin. This will help the Corps to develop a most comprehensive Watershed Management Plan that identifies issues that multiple stakeholders in the basin have identified,” Phillips said.

The Corps of Engineers is developing a Cache River Watershed Management Plan under the authority of the White River Basin Comprehensive Study. This management plan will make general recommendations and propose strategies for various agencies and groups to effectively manage the water resources of the basin for all users.

“We recognize that there are competing uses of the water resources in the basin, and that the challenges and needs of water resource users within the basin change through different periods of the year,” Phillips went on to say. “The Watershed Management Plan will identify stakeholders and existing programs or actions, and may make general recommendations for projects, management strategies, or study needs within the basin. These recommendations may apply to federal, state, and local agencies and other interested parties.”

For more information about the scoping meeting or the project, please contact the Corps’s Public Affairs Office at (901) 544-3360 or (901) 581-8463.

Jim Pogue

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