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Author: Public Affairs Office Chief Jim Pogue
  • June

    District partners with MRPP to improve MLK Riverside Park

    Partnership has long been a driving principle for the Memphis District as we strive to best serve our region and the nation. And we are always looking for new partners and ways to strengthen existing partnerships. One of the tools that provides a vehicle for partnerships is the Planning Assistance to States (PAS) program. With this in mind, we recently launched a PAS project with the Memphis River Parks Partnership (MRPP) to help develop a comprehensive master plan for Martin Luther King, Jr. Riverside Park, located at 498 West Mallory. The project will identify improvements to the recreation areas to make the park more attractive to Memphis residents and visitors. Our PAS team met with MRPP President Carol Coletta and Jamal Boddie on June 18 for a site visit at the park to discuss the scope of work for a Master Plan Study.