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Archive: July, 2020
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    Contract awarded for Big Slough Channel Restoration project

    The Big Slough Channel Restoration project delivery team (PDT) members are feeling pretty good because they’ve reached the significant Contract Award milestone on their project. They awarded the contract to Polk & Associates, LLC.
  • District reaches important milestone on Ditch 251 cleanout project

    While we humans are not that fond of change, we have an amazing ability to adapt to change. Adaptability is a strength the Caruthersville Area Office (CAO) and our Project Delivery Teams (PDT) quickly leveraged when they had to switched to virtual pre-construction conferences to continue pushing projects forward. Five months into COVID-19 pandemic working conditions, virtual pre-construction conferences are the new normal—for now. On July 15, the CAO and PDT members held a virtual pre-construction conference to kick-off work on the Ditch 251 Lower Channel Cleanout project. The purpose of pre-construction conferences is to kick-off the project with a “face-to-face” meeting of key members from the contractor, Federal Government, and project partner to achieve a clear and mutual understanding of all contract requirements and to identify and resolve potential problems.
  • Bank Grading Unit paves way for commerce, safety

    Memphis District Commander Col. Zachary Miller recently visited Island 68, a project site in Arkansas, where he met with the district’s hardworking Bank Grading Unit and reviewed progress made at the site thus far. According to Project Manager and River/Civil Engineer Cole Stonebrook, we have done work here before as this area is particularly erosive and scours easily in moving water. “The soils in the area are very unstable and highly erosive,” he said. “We are addressing a large bank failure by grading irregularities in the bank alignment to a smooth straight alignment. The Grading Unit is grading the banks to a one on four slope,  which requires moving 220,000 cubic yards of material.”
  • Keeping a commitment to the environment

    The Memphis District has a team of scientific divers experienced in qualitative and quantitative freshwater mussel surveys and aquatic habitat investigations. The team conducts surveys in large and small rivers and various aquatic habitats throughout the country. On July 7, the dive team performed a survey in Iron Mines Creek in Marked Tree, Ark. as part of an environmental impact assessment for a creek cleanout project.
  • Providing solutions worldwide

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ vision is, “Engineering solutions for our Nation’s toughest challenges.” Not only does this vision relate to challenges here in the United States, but it applies to those encountered all over the world. Part of working toward that vision asks our employees to deploy and sometimes work for and with other agencies overseas. Recently, two members of the Memphis District volunteered to do just that.