Geotechnical Branch

Mission Statement

The Geotechnical Engineering Branch provides geotechnical design services and survey support for the Memphis District Corps of Engineers. The Branch also coordinates the District’s Levee Safety Program.

Geotechnical Design Team

The Geotechnical Design Team provides Engineering Services pertaining to surface and subsurface explorations, foundation, and embankment design, site investigation underseepage, slope protections, construction materials development, and other functions pertaining to geology, concrete materials, and soil mechanics engineering. It provides expert advice on safety of water retaining structures concerning soils, concrete, seepage, and slope stability.

Geospatial Engineering Team

The Survey Section provides topographic, hydrographic, control, cadastral, route, geodetic, construction layout, property boundary, earthwork, structural alignment, and special engineering survey work for the accomplishment of engineering designs and studies. The section designs, compiles, processes, and manages all survey and mapping data for the Memphis District. The survey team manages the District's IDIQ AE Survey Contracts and maintains in-house survey expertise for the Memphis District.

Contact Information

Engineering and Construction Division - Geotechnical Branch 
USACE Memphis District
167 N. Main, 202
Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 544-3226