Hydraulics & Hydrology Branch

Mission Statement

The Hydraulics and Hydrology Branch serves as the primary consultant and technical advisor to the Memphis District Commander and staff on all hydrologic, hydraulic, river engineering, sedimentation and water quality matters. The Branch also provides for the safe and efficient operation of all district water resource projects, including navigation, through the accurate collection, processing, evaluation, and forecasting of hydro-meteorological data. Branch personnel are involved in project designs and evaluations for Flood Risk Management, Floodplain Management, Hydrologic Studies, Environmental and Ecosystem Restoration, Streambank Protection, Dredging and Channel Maintenance for Navigation, River Navigation, Water and Sediment Quality Studies/Regulatory Compliance, and support for the Dam and Levee Safety Programs.

Hydraulics Design Team

The Hydraulics Design Team provides technical advice related to hydraulic and hydrologic engineering. The Team conducts design studies and investigations on a variety of water resources related projects and prepares supporting technical documentation and correspondence related to these projects. This Team directs and develops specialized numerical and physical models for hydraulic and hydrologic engineering projects.

River Engineering Team

The River Engineering Team provides the Project Manager and Senior River Engineers for Memphis District’s portion of the Channel Improvement Project for the Mississippi River and its Tributaries. The Team coordinates with other elements of the District, MRC/Division staff, other Federal agencies, and local interests on river-related matters and maintains close liaison with river engineering elements in other districts within MVD. The Team advises District Commander on technical matters related to Mississippi River improvements and provides technical advice and assistance to river users, local interests, and other elements of the District on river mechanics, bank stabilization, and channel improvement problems. The Team also inspects, plans, designs, and executes channel improvement projects that aid navigation and flood control on the Mississippi River.

Water Control Team

The Water Control Team provides oversight for District’s water control activities including water control decisions, water control computer resources, budget requirements, hydrologic and hydrometerological data collection networks, receipt and coordination of real time information and forecasts on weather and river conditions. The Team prepares and distributes daily river stage forecasts for internal use during normal, flood and drought conditions. The Team coordinates and confers with other Corps Offices, federal, state and local agencies on hydrologic, hydraulic, sedimentation, water quality and water control matters. The Team is responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance and annual updating of the District’s stream gaging network and the measurement and computation of daily discharges at discharge ranges on the main stem Mississippi River and its tributaries within the District.

Contact Information

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