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St. Francis River Basin Partners, Mississippi River Commission, and Corps of Engineers to break ground on seepage remediation projects

Memphis District
Published Aug. 20, 2020
Farrenburg Levee Restoration Phase 4, Culvert 12 replacement

Farrenburg Levee Restoration Phase 4, Culvert 12 replacement. COL Zachary Miller toured on going construction along the Farrenburg Levee today. Special thanks to our partner, St. John’s Levee and Drainage District and contractor C & N.

WHAT: Groundbreaking ceremony for construction of multiple seepage remediation projects to include Below Senath, Missouri; Big Island, Arkansas; and Below Piggott/Below Hwy 90, Arkansas.

WHO: Partners to include the St. Francis Drainage District of Clay and Greene Counties, Arkansas and officials, the Mississippi River Commission and the Memphis District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

WHEN: Monday, August 24, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.m

WHERE: Adjacent to the St. Francis River levee off Hwy 90 between Rector, Arkansas and Kennett, Missouri, at the intersection of Hwy 90 and County Road 508 just after you cross over the St. Francis River from Missouri to Arkansas.    See attached map

WHY: The Below Senath Seepage Remediation project, in Dunklin County, Missouri, will reduce risk from the effects of under-seepage by performing drainage ditch work to change the flow of water into a more desirable pattern for the stability of the levee.  Work began in May 2020, and the tentative completion date is October 2020. The local partner for the project is Levee District No. 4 of Dunklin County, Missouri, and the prime contractor is C&M Contractors.

The Big Island Seepage Remediation project in Greene County, Arkansas, will reduce the risk of under-seepage. Construction of two seepage berms approximately one-half mile in length along with drainage ditch work and levee resurfacing along the existing levee crown for almost three miles will reduce this risk. Work began in May 2020, and May 2022 is the expected date of completion. The local partner for the project is Mud Slough Drainage District No. 1, and the prime contractor is SYTE Corporation.

The combined Below Piggott Seepage Remediation/Below Hwy 90 Channel Cleanout project, is located in Clay and Greene County, Arkansas. These projects will work together to improve flows along the St. Francis River by removing sedimentation in a 5 1/2 mile stretch of the river and constructing approximately 10 miles of seepage berm to improve levee stability and reduce risk to the system. The project will begin in September 2020, with construction scheduled for completion by July 2023. The local partner for the project is the St. Francis Drainage District of Clay/Greene Counties, and the prime contractor is Pontchartrain Partners.

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