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    Carpenter Crowther promoted to Project Management Branch Project Manager Supervisor

    Congratulations to Ms. Andrea Carpenter Crowther on her promotion to the Project Manager Supervisor position (Planning Team) in the Project Management Branch. 
  • NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Memphis Metropolitan Stormwater - North Desoto County, Mississippi

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will host a public meeting to inform the public and to solicit comments regarding the release of the revised draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement (DIFR-EIS) for the Memphis Metropolitan Stormwater-North DeSoto County Feasibility Study, DeSoto County, Mississippi. The study area lies in the Horn Lake Creek-Nonconnah and Coldwater River basins in DeSoto County, Mississippi.
  • Castle Cookers serve up fellowship, camaraderie with BBQ at Memphis in May

    The Memphis District has been competing in this barbeque contest for years, with the Castle Cookers first participating in the WCBCC in 1991 as the Pork Barrel Barbecuers. This year made year 31, with the team for the Memphis District Corps of Engineers comprising of workers from all parts of the district. “We’re a ‘for us by us’ team, which plans, fundraises, cooks, serves, and competes in the Memphis in May (MIM) event every year,” Outreach Coordinator Brian Schneider explained.
  • Completed Below Island 9 Project to benefit navigation industry, public

    Congratulations to the Memphis District Below Island 9 Project Delivery Team for achieving total project completion on May 6, 2022. The project area, located in Lake County, Tennessee, was identified as a low water problem spot by local partners in the navigation industry. This area has been dredged by the Memphis District’s Dredge Hurley in 2020 and 2021, yet the problem spot persisted. To come up with a long term solve, a project delivery team came together to complete a dike construction project.
  • Dredge Hurley kicks off 2022 season

    “We dredge to maintain these waterways and keep it open for commerce,” Dredge Hurley First Mate Kyle Collins said. “Millions of dollars’ worth of various commodities are transported up and down, and east to west, along these routes, and dredging keeps these lanes open and prevents closures along these trade routes.” On Apr. 26, the Dredge Hurley and crew (currently 37 people total) departed its home port, Ensley Engineer Yard, for the 2022 dredging season. Their mission: To maintain navigable shipping lanes along the western rivers and inland waterways. 
  • A look back: Norman “Chip” Newman’s 42 years of service

    It all began in February of 1980, when the Memphis District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hired a young, energetic Memphis State University graduate. After spending some time as an intern, followed by a few years in the Inspections Section, this civil engineering major had decided to officially begin his 42-year-long career in the Geotechnical Engineering Branch. Fast forward to May of 2022, and that young man is now a newly retired (and already sorely missed) Geotechnical Design Section Supervisor, Mr.  Norman ‘Chip’ Newman!