• September

    System 12 Slope Flattening Project contract awarded

    Congratulations to the System 12 Slope Flattening Project Delivery Team for reaching its Contract Award milestone. The PDT awarded the contract to SYTE Corporation on September 22. The work consists of furnishing all plant, labor and materials for flattening the slope for a 5,700-foot section of levee by placement of compacted fill.
  • Local Government Liaisons reach the hearts of communities

    Often during disaster response, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Planning and Response Teams such as, temporary emergency power, debris removal and Operation Blue Roof are the Corps activities in the limelight; however, the little-known and little-seen Local Government Liaison, or LGL, national cadre is operating in the background, providing a critical lifeline of communication between Federal Emergency Management Agency, the state, local officials, and the Corps.
  • Corps, Samaritan's Purse go above and beyond for Laura survivor

    "The day I met Mr. Williams, I was looking for his house and drove past it because I didn't see it; all I saw were trees," Roofing Quality Assurance Specialist George Hayes recalled. "Honestly, I wasn't expecting anyone to be home. So many folks evacuated after the storm, I just figured no one was home. As I got closer to the door, I heard his little dog bark. I yelled, "Is anyone home?" and I saw a movement through the window. The door opened, and he drove his wheelchair out onto the front porch. My heart just sank." At that moment, Hayes knew he needed to go above and beyond to help this man.
  • PDT awards drainage channel cleanout contract

    Congratulations to the Iron Mines Creek Channel Cleanout Project Delivery Team (PDT). The PDT recently reached its contract award milestone, awarding the contract to small business contractor Innovative Performance Construction. Work on the contract includes the cleanout of 3.9 miles of the Iron Mines Creek channel located in Marked Tree, Poinsett County, Arkansas.
  • USACE provides power to hard-hit Louisiana

    Living in the 21st century, most Americans have electricity on demand. When it isn’t working, it usually doesn’t take longer than a day to get it turned back on. But what happens when a storm like Hurricane Laura hits? Close to 200,000 residents living in southwestern Louisiana lost power on Aug. 27. Many of them are still without it, weeks after the storm has come and gone. Delivering power to southwest Louisiana is one of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' top priorities. USACE is installing generators in several critical facilities like water pump stations, sewage lift stations, hospitals, radio towers, and corrections facilities, to name a few. The 23-person team responsible for installing these generators ensured they were in Louisiana before Hurricane Laura even made landfall.
  • Corps of Engineers fully engaged in LA Hurricane recovery efforts

    When Hurricane Laura struck Lake Charles, Louisiana, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Mississippi Valley Division (MVD) response and recovery teams were already in place to execute the critical mission assignments assigned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Damages sustained in southwestern Louisiana warrant USACE expertise. Mission assignments range from temporary roofing and emergency power installation to supporting the temporary housing mission and conducting infrastructure assessments and providing debris removal technical assistance to the state.
  • First temporary ‘Blue Roof’ a success

    “The governor happened to have a news conference and my wife said, well what about the blue roofs?” Duhon said. “She gave me the information and I got online and registered and here we are today.” The purpose of the program is to provide homeowners in disaster areas with fiber-reinforced sheeting to cover damaged roofs until permanent repairs can be made. The deadline to sign up for the Blue Roof Program is Sept. 21. Don't wait!
  • District awards contract for Farrenburg Levee Phase 5 project

    Congratulations to the Farrenburg Levee Phase 5 Project Delivery Team (PDT) for advancing their project to the important Contract Award milestone. The team awarded the contract to VuCon, LLC. on August 30. Work the contractor will perform consists of replacing two culverts, which have reached their life expectancy,  that cross under the Farrenbeurg Levee, closing a gap in the levee and raising sections of the levee to the authorized grade. Drainage infrastructure like this is a vital part of the overall levee protection system.
  • August

    District conducts successful ditch cleanout project pre-construction conference

    While they’d rather have the face-to-face variety, the Caruthersville Area Office (CAO) team is highly successful at conducting effective virtual pre-construction conferences made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic. On August 25, CAO successfully conducted a virtual pre-construction conference for the Ditch 251 Upper Channel Cleanout project. This critical $8,890,292 cleanout project is to return a 30-mile reach of Ditch 251 to its authorized level of flood protection.
  • Memphis Team deployed to Louisiana in support of Hurricane Laura relief efforts

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District deployed a 13-member Emergency Power Planning and Response Team (PRT) to support Federal Emergency Management Agency's Hurricane Laura response, on Aug 26.
  • A look back: Williams' 30+ years of service

    "If you walk around this vessel, chances are you will find him working somewhere around here, even when he is off the watch," Dredge Hurley Assistant Master Tim Tucker said. "We sometimes have to make him stop to go to his room to relax after a long day. If some of the kids coming out of high school these days would show up with half of the work ethic that he has, we would really get a lot more done." Tucker is describing Curtis Williams, who is also known by many on the dredge as "Lil Wolf". Williams is the Dredge Hurley's ship keeper and has been with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a little more than 30 years.
  • Critical drainage channels to be maintained

    Throughout its history, the Lower Mississippi River Flood Plain has been besieged by floodwaters; that’s why flood risk management is one of the Memphis District's major mission areas. We serve as the first line of defense for the entire lower Valley. Working to execute this mission and serving as that first line of defense, a Memphis District Project Delivery Team awarded three major contracts to perform maintenance on drainage channels 1 and 251, which are located in the Little River Drainage District in Southeast Missouri. The contracts are for lower Ditch 251, upper Ditch 251, and upper Ditch 1 and authorize contractors to go in and return a total of 89 miles worth of drainage channels to their authorized level of flood protection.
  • District awards contract to safeguard railroad bridge on St. Francis River

    Two bridges crossing a major Arkansas waterway were under attack by scouring currents that threatened to undermine the safety of the structures. In response to this potentially dangerous situation, the Memphis District on July 30 issued a repair contract to Polk & Associates. The project consists of repairing a scour site downstream of State Highway 51 Bridge which crosses over the St Francis River at Fisk, Missouri, as well as a Union Pacific Railroad Bridge. These bridges serve communities in Stoddard and Butler Counties, Missouri.
  • District issues two task orders to ensure safe, reliable navigation on Mississippi River

    Working to ensure this lifeblood of American commerce flows uninterrupted, the Memphis District issued two Task Orders late last month to Midwest Construction Company for channel improvement work. These were for stone repairs to existing damaged dikes, hardpoints, revetments, and other river training structures and placement of riprap upper bank paving for stone protection above articulated concrete mattress (ACM). The work will take place at seven different river locations within the Memphis District.
  • A look back: Hamilton’s 35 years of service

    Hamilton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957, and later adopted by his parents at the young age of six months. "I grew up here in Wynne, where the (USACE) Area Office is located (and now where he works)," he said. "And I graduated from Arkansas State University in 1982."
  • Corps to resurface 15 miles of White River Backwater levee

    The White River Backwater Levee Gravel Resurfacing Project Delivery Team (PDT) recently celebrated reaching their project’s Contract Award milestone. They awarded the contract to A-Rock Construction which will resurface 15 miles of the White River Backwater levee in Phillips and Monroe Counties, Arkansas. This maintenance work on the levee’s crown provides safe and reliable access for vehicles and monitoring levee conditions.
  • 110 miles of levee to be resurfaced in the St. Francis Basin

    Working with our local project Partner, the St. Francis Levee District of Arkansas, the St. Francis River Gravel Resurfacing Project Delivery Team (PDT) has advanced their project to the Contract Award milestone. They awarded an $8,353,877 contract to JLC Trucking to resurface 110 miles of levee in Cross, Poinsett, Craighead, and Mississippi Counties in Arkansas. This important contract maintenance work provides safe and reliable access for vehicles and monitoring levee conditions.
  • Levee in Lee County, Arkansas to be resurfaced

    The Arkansas Levee Gravel Resurfacing Project Delivery Team (PDT) celebrated reaching their project’s Contract Award milestone on July 28. They awarded the $2,631,978 contract to Polk & Associates LLC which will resurface approximately 21 miles of the mainline Mississippi River Levee in Lee County, Arkansas. This maintenance of the levee’s crown provides safe and reliable access for vehicles and monitoring levee conditions.
  • Levee in New Madrid getting resurfaced

    Conquering a milestone is a big deal for our project delivery teams (PDT). On July 28, the Missouri Levee Gravel Resurfacing PDT celebrated reaching the significant Contract Award project milestone. They awarded the $1,983,466 contract to Better by Design which will resurface approximately 22 miles of the mainline Mississippi River Levee in New Madrid, Missouri. This maintenance on the levee’s crown provides safe and reliable access for vehicles and monitoring levee conditions.
  • Contract awarded for Old Town Seepage Remediation project

    Congratulations to the Old Town Seepage Remediation Project Delivery Team on reaching their Contract Award Milestone for their project located in Arkansas and Cotton Belt Levee District Number One. The project team awarded the $5,042,556 contract to the Sytes Corporation. The project involves extending the existing seepage remediation berm. The slated begin date for construction is Oct. 16 this year, with a tentative completion date of April 2023.