• May

    Castle Cookers serve up fellowship, camaraderie with BBQ at Memphis in May

    The Memphis District has been competing in this barbeque contest for years, with the Castle Cookers first participating in the WCBCC in 1991 as the Pork Barrel Barbecuers. This year made year 31, with the team for the Memphis District Corps of Engineers comprising of workers from all parts of the district. “We’re a ‘for us by us’ team, which plans, fundraises, cooks, serves, and competes in the Memphis in May (MIM) event every year,” Outreach Coordinator Brian Schneider explained.
  • Completed Below Island 9 Project to benefit navigation industry, public

    Congratulations to the Memphis District Below Island 9 Project Delivery Team for achieving total project completion on May 6, 2022. The project area, located in Lake County, Tennessee, was identified as a low water problem spot by local partners in the navigation industry. This area has been dredged by the Memphis District’s Dredge Hurley in 2020 and 2021, yet the problem spot persisted. To come up with a long term solve, a project delivery team came together to complete a dike construction project.
  • Dredge Hurley kicks off 2022 season

    “We dredge to maintain these waterways and keep it open for commerce,” Dredge Hurley First Mate Kyle Collins said. “Millions of dollars’ worth of various commodities are transported up and down, and east to west, along these routes, and dredging keeps these lanes open and prevents closures along these trade routes.” On Apr. 26, the Dredge Hurley and crew (currently 37 people total) departed its home port, Ensley Engineer Yard, for the 2022 dredging season. Their mission: To maintain navigable shipping lanes along the western rivers and inland waterways. 
  • A look back: Norman “Chip” Newman’s 42 years of service

    It all began in February of 1980, when the Memphis District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hired a young, energetic Memphis State University graduate. After spending some time as an intern, followed by a few years in the Inspections Section, this civil engineering major had decided to officially begin his 42-year-long career in the Geotechnical Engineering Branch. Fast forward to May of 2022, and that young man is now a newly retired (and already sorely missed) Geotechnical Design Section Supervisor, Mr.  Norman ‘Chip’ Newman!
  • April

    Employee Spotlight: Memphis District Administrative Professionals

    Administrative Professionals are detail-oriented, organized, proactive, independent, adaptive, diligent, and maybe most importantly, they know how to handle a good amount of stress. As Engineering and Construction Administrative Specialist Tami Jacobs put it, “Without this one person, a whole lot of things do not, and would not get done, period.” We appreciate them daily, but today (April 27, 2022) is the designated “National Administrative Professionals’ Day!” So, please make sure you thank your admin pro a few more times than you usually would (like, 20 times more, at least).
  • Employee Spotlight: Biologist John "Mike" Thron

    Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22, and serves as a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems, and live a more sustainable life. Protecting the environment is a key district initiative, and fortunately for us, we have Biologist John “Mike” Thron as our environmental champion.

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District (USACE) and the West Tennessee River Basin Authority (WTRBA) will host a general scoping meeting to solicit comments and information from the public regarding the Running Reelfoot Bayou, TN feasibility study. The study investigates National Ecosystem Restoration benefits related to restoring aquatic and floodplain habitat along the Running Reelfoot Bayou in Lake, Obion, and Dyer Counties, Tennessee. The meeting will be held on Thursday April 21, 2022, from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the Lake County Circuit Court in Tiptonville, TN.
  • Memphis District’s new Operations Division Chief Andrea Williams

    Congratulations to Andrea Williams on her selection as the new Operations Division’s (OD) Chief!  Williams has served in the OD Chief position on temporary assignment since January.   
  • Rep. Jason Smith, Mississippi River Commission celebrate groundbreaking of new Caruthersville Floodwall

    The Memphis District held a groundbreaking ceremony in Caruthersville, Missouri, April 3, 2022, to celebrate a federally funded project to replace the Caruthersville Mississippi River floodwall. The new floodwall will enhance the safety of more than 135,000 residents, $6.28 billion of property, and $7.5 billion of agriculture.
  • Smith appointed Project Development Branch Chief

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District recently promoted Derrick Smith to the role of the Project Development Branch Chief and Assistant Deputy of the Programs and Project Management Division. Smith will also serve as Regional Project Manager for the Mississippi Valley Division’s Mississippi River Channel Improvement Program.
  • March

    Dr. Zuzana Chovanec is Memphis District Employee of the Month

    Congratulations to Dr. Zuzana Chovanec, district archeologist, for her selection as the Memphis District Employee of the Month!
  • Mississippi River Commission schedules high-water inspection trip

    Public meetings will be held by the Mississippi River Commission On board the Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI as follows: Caruthersville, MO - City Front Memphis, TN - Beale Street Landing Greenville, MS - City Front Baton Rouge, LA - City Front 9:00 -12:30pm, 4 April 2022 9:00 -12:30pm, 5 April 2022 9:00 -12:30pm, 6 April 2022 9:00 -12:30pm, 8 April 2022
  • February

    A look back: Williamson’s 33 years of service

    With more than 33 years of federal service, Engineering and Construction (E&C) Division Chief Steve Williamson recently completed one life chapter and is now starting another. To help him close out this part of life, we're taking a look back to celebrate his life and career with the Memphis District.
  • Sam Tucker: A 1927 Mississippi River Flood Hero

    The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927 has its related stories of heroism. Sam Tucker was one of those heroes, but his story of bravery went left untold for many years. While he became a contemporary hero among his fellow Blacks, his acts were never made public until 1972, when a history book author began picking up bits and pieces of it. Tucker, now retired from the Memphis District, had been working on the levee just above Laconia Circle. On the evening of April 21, Tucker was the only man willing to risk his life trying to save others. This is his story.
  • Employee Spotlight: Geographic Information Systems Specialist Lindsay Barrios

    This month, we’re featuring Geographic Information Systems Specialist Lindsay Barrios. Barrios was born and raised in Fort Payne, Alabama. After graduating from high school, she moved to Tennessee to study geology and geography at the University of Memphis. In February of 2018, Barrios officially became a member of the USACE Memphis District team. She said she was excited to work for the Corps for many reasons, which include the district’s mission as well as the leadership present throughout each of its offices.
  • January

    Employee Spotlight: Regulatory Supervisor Ben Pitcock

    In any business, it's the people that make it work. Without a team, organizations fail. On top of everything else valued, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District values every one of its employees very much. To show how much we value them, we highlight one district employee every month by asking about their position, what it’s like to work for the Corps, and how they got to where they are today. This month, we are highlighting Regulatory Division Supervisor Benjamin Pitcock.
  • December

    A look back: Pinkston's 48 years of service

    After an astonishing 48 years of combined federal service, Phillip Pinkston has decided to hang his hat, celebrating both the end and beginning of two of life’s most rewarding chapters. To celebrate his well-deserved retirement, we’re taking a look back to acknowledge all he accomplished, hear from the people he positively impacted, and more.
  • A look back: Coleman's 36 years of service

    Real Estate Chief Hugh Coleman recently retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after an incredible 36 years of federal service. To celebrate and recognize his accomplishments, we take a look back at his eventful and inspiring life and career.
  • A look back: Word's 32 years of service

    She undertook the great responsibility of project oversight and financial analysis while her coworkers deployed in support of the 2011 Mississippi River Flood. Additionally, she quickly developed a complete understanding of the complex skills required to execute the Mississippi River and Tributaries maintenance program. These are just a few of many things Program Analyst Lisa Word accomplished before retiring after 32 years of federal service.   
  • Final ribbon-cuttings close out two-day celebration blitz

    To close out the two-day sprint across five states, the Memphis District held two final ribbon-cutting ceremonies on Nov. 18, 2021. Both events celebrated construction projects completed in Arkansas and Missouri.